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Sam Lee Mohan, CEO & Founder at GBC, 4 min read

 Two 2017 Strategic Planning Software Awards Now Belong To StratPlan 1

GBC team feels proud to share some amazing news with our users: our strategic planning software has just become the winner of the Rising Star Award for 2017 and the prestigious Great User Experience Award delivered by FinancesOnline. This reputed software review platform featured our product in a detailed StratPlan review, where their experts enthusiastically analyzed how we benefit businesses, big and small.


“StratPlan is one of the top 50 Workflow Management Software products”


Team of experts from FinancesOnline works devotedly to examine hundreds of strategic planning software systems and we are very happy to be included in their best strategy software category. According to their experts, StratPlan has exactly what you’d expect from a quality solution, as it lets users work in an intuitive and familiar environment, and provides them with all necessary features to craft their business growth strategy and monitor & track performance on a day-to-day basis. What they also appreciated was the innovative approach adopted by our development team, which brought tried-and-tested analytical tools together to eliminate the need to pay for expensive third-party consultants.

As discussed in the review, StratPlan does a great job keeping team members on the same page, and allowing them to focus on the vision of the business while undertaking their day-to-day activities in pursuit of company objectives. Unlike many reputed strategy apps, the reviewers said, StratPlan also gives companies a deeper understanding of their internal environment which help businesses devise and implement meaningful and realistic growth strategies. The experts also agreed that for a tool offering meaningful and realistic strategic planning without compromising on quality and quantity, StratPlan is very reasonably priced, and they praised our annual subscription plans which make the system even more affordable.

The Smartscore system and algorithmic rating applied by FinancesOnline catapulted StratPlan’s rankings, placing our product among the top workflow management software. But the recognition didn’t stop there. As a result of the awards which are given to breakthrough products with outstanding features, StratPlan was elevated right into the elite list of leading workflow software solutions. These latest achievements earned by StratPlan stem from our software’s effective performance as attested to by both customers and industry experts.

 Free Strategic Planning Software Tool

If you’re thinking of crafting your business growth strategy and unlocking your company’s full potential, try StratPlan for free.  Invite your team to use StratPlan, work on and complete your business growth strategy together using the software, and see how we can help your team work better growing your business.


You can access the full review here.


Try our most innovative strategic planning software to empower your business to grow & unlock its true potential. StratPlan is free to try!


Two 2017 Strategic Planning Software Awards Now Belong To StratPlan 2


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Two 2017 Strategic Planning Software Awards Now Belong To StratPlan 3

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Two 2017 Strategic Planning Software Awards Now Belong To StratPlan 4

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