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5 Reasons Why Task Software Is Important for a Small Business?

All in all, task software will help you save unwanted extra time on projects that otherwise would have been wasted and increase the overall efficiency of the business. This, in turn, increases your business’s revenue and sales in the long run. So, whether your business is big or small, using task management software will prove very helpful to your business. 

StratPlan 3 upgrade is here!

Simon Lee | Co-founder at GBC | March 25, 2019     Last month, we shared a sneak peek at some major design improvements we’ve been cooking up for StratPlan 3. Today’s the day — you’ll see those changes in your StratPlan account right now! There are countless little...

Remove the stress, pick a deadline

David, Support at GBC, 2 minute read   October 20 was the internal deadline we picked for StratPlan 3 back in early Summer. It was computed by the highly scientific method of two-parts sussing, one-part calendar dart throwing, and the full awareness of its arbitrary...

How Strategic Planning Can Help Your Business

Eva Chan, CEO & Founder at OneTouch, 4 min read         Strategic planning is an essential business tool that cuts across every level of an organisation and also supports entrepreneurship. It is not only important for big organizations and corporations, it is also...

Stop Gossiping!!!

Cheong Li, Guest Writer at GBC and CEO at Wang Li Arts, 4 min read       I often wondered what office gossip is. How does office gossip start and what purpose does it have in an office environment? Is it just human nature intertwined with a working environment? Is it...

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