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Here’s what StratPlan can do for you

Everything in StratPlan is deliberated, argued and thoroughly considered. With simplicity in mind, we deliberately left out anything that we considered “nice to have”.

Every feature, principle and concept had to fight for its place in StratPlan, and we even carefully considered what to leave out. Every feature had to earn its right to make it into StratPlan.

Here’s a complete list of the things you can do with StratPlan.

Set your company’s direction

  • Evaluate your existing or develop a new Vision Statement
  • Evaluate your existing or develop a new Mission Statement
  • Evaluate your existing or develop a new set of Company Values
  • Evaluate your existing or develop a new set of Company Objectives using our balanced scorecard approach

Think strategically about your

company’s external environment

  • Using PESTLE analysis evaluate your external environment
  • Using Porters Five Forces of Competition evaluate your company’s competitive forces
  • Evaluate the Forces Driving Change in your industry
  • Evaluate your company’s market position against (up to 10) key competitors using Strategic Group Maps
  • Analyse your competitors strategy using our Competitor Analysis framework

Think strategically about your

company’s internal environment

  • Evaluate your company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Determine your industry’s Key Success Factors

Craft promising strategies

  • Assess your industries outlook from analysis of your external environment
  • Analyse SWOT conclusions from analysing your company’s internal environment
  • Select from our database of generic strategies
  • Select Focus or Broad – Cost Leadership or Differentiation Strategies
  • Select strategies to remedy cost or value disadvantages
  • Select strategies to improve the effectiveness of your customer’s value proposition
  • Select strategies to improve supplier related value chain activities
  • Select strategies to improve value chain activities of forward channel
  • Select offensive strategies, defensive strategies and strategies to compete with rivals

Monitor developments, track

performance and initiate corrective


  • StratPlan outputs your company’s strategy map
  • Input actions against your company’s strategic plan
  • Use StratPlan’s monitoring and tracking database to track performance and initiate changes

Other features

  • Print or email your strategic plan, strategic map and
    your monitoring & tracking performance dashboard
  • StratPlan auto saves your plan so you never have to
    worry about losing your analysis and strategic plan
  • StratPlan never stores data so you will never have to
    worry about your trade secrets falling in the wrong
  • StratPlan can load onto your desktop and does not
    have to integrate with any of your existing systems

Saving the best the last!

StratPlan allows you to input your own data. We have incorporated millions of dollars in intellectual capital in developing generic principles that you can select from. However, you can choose to undertake your own analysis and using our “click to add” feature, you can add as many related impacts, analysis, principles as you wish.

StratPlan is 100% flexible so you can use StratPlan to simply help guide strategic thinking in your business.





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