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A partnership with great ideas and tools.

If you’re a business consultant or coach, you’ll love partnering with GBC. Once you complete the steps to become a partner, you’ll get access to the program’s many benefits, including a dedicated account manager, marketing and learning resources, free advisor tools, discounts for clients, lead generation tools, online consulting platform and plenty of support to boost revenue and help your clients reach their goals.


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Together, let’s grow small businesses.

You want to grow your consulting business and provide exceptional services to your clients. We’ll give you an unfair advantage with our world class lead generation and small business planning software, advertising, training, and support.Partners 2

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Here’s why we should start a beautiful partnership.

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Use our exclusive Get Clients app to attract perfect clients and close deals more often with your StratPlan expertise.


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We want your business to grow. We prove it by helping you promote your business and attract potential clients.


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To grow your business, you need to continue progressing. Gain the knowledge you need to implement small business growth solutions.


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Clients want real-time consultation and virtual meetings. We listened and developed a world-class online consulting platform for Partners.

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Offer your clients the industry’s leading small business planning solution, StratPlan and earn a commission.


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Become a GBC small business trainer & coach and we will advertise your services to thousands of potential clients.

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We will give you branded marketing materials and promotional programs designed to help you show off your skills in a credible way.

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Our partner community grows stronger every year – Here, you can network, find events, and grow your business.

Why Partner with us?

Software, training, coaching, new clients, and a network of experts to help you build your business and other small businesses—while freeing up time to pursue the things you love…

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90% have a better chance of reaching clients.

“I really appreciate the business updates you share and demonstrations of the several new consulting capabilities. I appreciate your support personally and your marketing efforts…on behalf of all the GBC Partners. Let’s go get’em!”

Steve Grady, CEO & Managing Partner, Target Outcome

85% report more efficient practices and a happier life.

“Partnering with GBC is the best thing we did. Thank you and your whole company for all that you do to make us better and our life much easier. The work that you guys are doing is phenomenal. The tools and support is much appreciated.”

Lynn Driver, President & CEO, The Skylight Group

Things you get as a Partner.

  • Exclusively use our Lead Generation app to find perfect clients.
  • Your practice will be listed in our consultant directory and will be visible to thousands of potential new clients.
  • A detailed business plan to guide self-management and overall operation of your business.
  • A cost & revenue model to plan your goals and finances and deliver high profits.
  • Strategy Software to develop strategic objectives and action plans for your clients.
  • Earn a 20% commission on StratPlan sales.
  • Customisable marketing material to help you generate quality leads and act professionally..
  • Use StratPlan to develop pandemic plans for your clients and help them navigate COVID-19 impacts.
  • Training & Coaching material as additional services to offer your clients. We also generate leads for you.
  • Exclusive access to the Partner Portal for all the tools and material you need to be a professional consultant.
  • Customisable business card templates, logos, word clouds and more to nurture clients and act professionally.
  • Marketing strategy and marketing plan to guide your business development efforts.
  • Tried-and-tested business model that explains your key customers, partners, advertising channels and more.
  • Personalised on-boarding experience and 24/7 ongoing support.

Hear from Partners around the world about what’s changed for the better since partnering with GBC:



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For just $29 per month, Thousands of professionals are signing up every month. Join them!
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