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Over the years, the approach that businesses including not-for-profit organisations have taken to overcome the challenges of planning and importantly, achieving set targets have changed. Now, more than ever, it is important to plan and set realistic and achievable targets for your business or organization, as the environment in which we do business has never been more challenging. While it is not always a bitter rivalry between companies in the same market, it is a however the natural competition between these organizations to dominate the market and/or stay in business, which is why it is so important for every business owner, manager or CEO to be able to strategically plan and execute a beautiful strategy. What will make your company, whether for profit or not-for-profit, stand out is not how well you manage it – even though that too is important – what will make your company stand out is how well you are able to analyze your external business environment and navigate industry challenges whilst remaining efficient and profitable.

Businesses have started to see the importance of adopting strategic planning in order to keep up with the changing business environment and achieve their goals and targets. However, many do not know how to explore the limitless opportunities that strategic planning software offers in crafting and executing a beautiful strategy. A lot are still using clunky spreadsheets, word documents and the like to review or monitor their strategy. Making use of strategic planning as a tool to grow your business without using the vast number of available strategic planning software tools is a way of underutilizing the system. In particular, nonprofit organizations that struggle to involve boards and engage employees can benefit significantly from using strategic planning software to plan, execute and monitor performance to help their course.




Organizations, whether they are for profit and not-for-profit essentially operate in the same way, although granted, there are some fundamental operational differences. I believe that the main difference is their overall Company Objective itself. However, both organizations can adopt the use of strategic planning software to help them navigate challenges and achieve their objective, regardless of what that objective is. Strategic planning helps your organization identify where you want to be over a period of time, and how to get there. Both profit oriented and nonprofit oriented organizations have targets and they both want to, consciously or unconsciously, navigate industry challenges and meet their objectives.

When you use a strategic planning software, it becomes possible and easy to collaborate on what can be, an exhaustive document. It also becomes easier to have multiple users and for each user to make a contribution which can be accessed by other members of the group. This removes the constant stress of moving around with large documents and it makes it very easy to review. In a corporate or nonprofit organization setting, collaborative team effort is needed to succeed.

Furthermore, Strategic Planning Software allows team leaders in different positions to design a professional plan for meeting strategic goals efficiently and within a given time frame while mutually understanding their various functional constraints. This allows for flexibility and also helps the team to come up with solutions for different challenges. With strategic planning software, you can have more than just a plan to achieve your target, you can have a step by step guide that leads to your goal.

The best strategic planning software provides a workable system, with a dashboard that provides up-to-date information on progress, latest changes, and new developments to all constituents involved in the business. The advantage of using the strategic planning software is that all the information is stored together in the same location, and it is accessible to every member of the team. With the software, you will be able to monitor your progress as you go and also review your plans.


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