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Task management software is critically for all businesses be it a startup or one that has been existing for ages. Either to manage task assigned to other teammates or to manage your very own personal task list, you need a task management software for this. The task management software helps to manage task list not only by creating them alone but also by tracking, estimating, scheduling, assigning and even prioritizing when necessary.

The features of Task Management Software include; the ability to develop high-level requirements with initial estimates, create notional project schedule with major releases, prioritize and schedule requirements for each release, assign requirements, tasks, and incidents using Agile planning board, track issues and defects against project schedule and the ability to customize dashboards of key project information.


As a business owner or project manager whichever the case might be, there is only so much you can do; hence the need to assign and track task to boost your productivity. Here are a few reasons your business should incorporate the use of a task management software.

  • It Integrates team workflow and brings communication to a single stage.
  • Rather than having to track tasks individually; you can track countless tasks and assignments with just limited clicks
  • It gives a computerized system of effectively tracking all your team members and their work progress at all times
  • It also creates a unified platform for storing, sharing and retrieving documents
  • It saves time and energy by effectively updating, organizing and managing the project
  • This software also gives the opportunity to plan and attend virtual meetings, conferences, summits and so on; from anywhere in the world

How it could boost the success rate

Without further ado, its functions have made it obvious how the task could be managed much more effectively, and this inadvertently would no doubt boost the success rate. The best way for task management software to boost the success rate is to use the right software. The list of software available are endless, and as such, it is very important to know the function of each before investing in one. Investing in the wrong software would not only jeopardize the purpose of a task management software but also cause a severe setback to your work schedule.

To choose the right software, you need to know what the software is providing. Take, for instance; the need to attend a virtual meeting and your software of choice does not provide this option. You need to take into consideration its simplicity as well; since you would also require your teammates to use task management software as well. You wouldn’t want them to be stuck trying to figure out how the software works.

You should ensure that your software of choice offers a time-tracking feature. Only then would you be able to guarantee on-time project delivery and likewise boost your success rate.

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